The world of intellectual property, be it patents, trademarks, copyrights and the like can be very daunting and google searches only adds to the woe. Having gone through the process with lot of doubts, uncertainty and unanswered questions, I was introduced to Kangaroo IP represented by Apeksha Shah. Not only did she answer my queries patiently but she also educated me on the steps to undertake that would be beneficial to my business. Having given me repeated consultations she never coerced me into filing an IP, which in my book ranks high for Apeksha being a thorough professional and a domain expert. I would refer them without batting an eyelid for all your Intellectual needs.

Kranthi Varma - MD Metro Brava

As a restaurateur, developing new brands is a continuous process. This by extension means that we have to depend on IP agencies to help us with copyright and trademarks. Having been experienced in working with a number of agencies over time, I can vouch for the IP expertise that Kangaroo IP bring to the table. Right from the stage of initiation to the final filing, the team at Kangaroo IP makes the customer experience seamless with minimum iterations. More importantly, the thing that sets this team apart from the others is the sense of security that one gets on the data that is shared with them I know that I have found my go-to agency on matters related to IP. These guys are rock solid. Enough said.

Mohammed Saeed Jaffery , Restauranteur

Kangaroo IP has been extremely helpful to us with our trademark registration and apt grouping guidance and selections. Ms Apeksha helped us understand the importance of branding and trademark for a start-up like us. The whole transaction with Kangaroo IP has been very reassuring for we know that our IP needs are taken care by someone with a good understanding of the subject. We hope to see you fly high.

Kalpesh Mehta , Owner Hycinth