Kangaroo IP is a premier law firm catering to its client’s Intellectual Property needs since its inception in 2017. We offer varied services including Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Designs, thus making Kangaroo IP a one-stop firm for protection and commercialization of your Intellectual assets.

We see you through the life cycle of your IP, in every step from the birth of your intellectual asset to up until you enjoy the grant making the whole process a seamless one. Our team comprises of an eclectic mix of IP attorneys, consultants, lawyers and analysts with several years of experience behind them.

We currently have offices in Bangalore, Chennai and have partnered with various firms in International jurisdictions. Kangaroo IP being a legal firm, staunchly upholds client’s confidentiality.


Apeksha R Shah

Apeksha is a Patent and Trademark Attorney competent in advising clients on protection and commercialization of their Intellectual assets. She is equipped and skilled to advise in all categories of Intellectual property such as Patents, Trademarks, Copyright and Design. Her specialization lies in conducting comprehensive patentability searches, freedom to operate analysis, drafting, infringement analysis and prosecution management. She holds a LLB degree and a Masters in Biotechnology. She also has experience working with a reputed law firm and has helped clients in devising IP strategies to gain maximum value from their intellectual assets.