A Patent is a set of rights granted to an inventor/ assignee by a sovereign state for a limited period of time in exchange for complete public disclosure of his invention.

Patent Services
Patent Search and Analysis
Freedom to Operate
Invalidity Opinions
Patent Drafting
Patent Filing
PCT Application
Patent Opposition
Patent Prosecution
Patent Invalidation/ Revocation
Patent Portfolio Management
Watch Services – Legal status of desired patent applications and competitor’s patent applications, watch drug patent expirations and decrease R&D project risks.


Trademark is a recognizable sign or design or expression which represents a company’s business and goodwill associated with it. It also identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others. If the business/service is appropriately protected with a trademark, it can be a huge advantage to the business/service.

Trademark Services
Trademark Search and Analysis
Trademark Filing
International Trademark Filing/ Madrid Protocol Filing
Trademark Opposition
Trademark Prosecution
Trademark Renewals/ Maintenance
Trademark Portfolio Management
Trademark Litigation

Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects creative expression in the form of literary, artistic, musical, cinematographic, photographic and other works. Although, a copyright protection is automatic on creation of a work, it is highly advisable to get a copyright to have an advantage during a legal battle.

Copyright Services
Copyright Filing
Handling Copyright Objections
Copyright Protection and Management
Copyright Licensing/ Transfers
Copyright Contract Review/ Drafting

Industrial Designs

Industrial Designs, unlike a patent doesn’t protect the utility of the product but protects the look and feel of a product.Hence, the owner of a registered industrial design or of a design patent has the right to prevent third parties from making, selling or importing articles bearing or embodying a design which is a copy, or substantially a copy, of the protected design. The Industrial design application like the patent process is different in different jurisdictions.

Industrial Designs services
Design Patent Search and Analysis
Filing and Registration
Examination/ Office Action
Maintenance/ Renewals
Portfolio Management


Geographical Indication (GI) of goods are indications of quality/ reputation/ characteristics of the goods from the region in which they originate. There must be a clear link between the product and the original place of production as the quality depends on the geographical place of production. Channapatna toys, Tirupati laddoo are examples of GI which refer to wooden toys that are manufactured in a small town called Channapatna in Karnataka and have certain qualities associated with them.

Geographical Indications services
Geographical Indication Registration

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is a body governing the rights, relations and conduct of businesses. Corporate Law provides businesses with a legal form to govern five core attributes; legal personality, investor ownership, delegated management, limited liability and transferrable shares. This law enables businesses to operate and transact through the medium of a corporate entity while achieving operational efficiency.

Corporate Services
Corporate Counselling
Advice on strategic investments
Advice and drafting schemes on M&A’s
Drafting of legal corporate documents
Obtaining commercial registrations
Dispute resolution
Handling commercial litigation
Legal Audit - A legal audit includes looking into the business in-depth to ensure legal compliance from various angles. It helps assess the legal health of the company thereby giving a chance to seal the loopholes in the legal framework of the company.


Labour laws define a legislation pertaining to responsibilities and rights of an employment. It enlists the duties of an employer and the rights of an employee. Labour laws deal with the collective rights of multiple workers whereas an employment law pertains to individual employees.

Labour law and employment law services
Drafting of legal agreements for existing as well as new employees.
Drafting of increment and termination letters
Drafting of policy manuals pertaining to Human Resources, Confidentiality Agreements, IT policies, Anti Sexual Harassment, Benefit schemes and employee incentive programmes.
Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act 2013 ( POSH Act ) Compliance and Proceedings.
Relationship management between company and independent contractors.
Compliance and Dispute resolution of statutory requirements like maternity benefits, protection of confidentiality, termination etc.
Legal consultation to clients on terms and conditions of service and structuring of compensation and hiring procedures.
Advice on data privacy laws


The technology, media and telecom law, commonly referred to as the TMT law includes legal services in the TMT sector across different platforms. With a rise in communication and technology, governing this area of law is imperative. This practice helps companies navigate between regulation and technology and addresses the legal requirements of companies in this industry.

TMT Services
Counselling on commercialisation
Regulatory Policy
Contract Drafting for projects and rights distribution
Legal representation
Dispute Resolution


General Law governs a widespread need for legal services and caters to broader areas of law. General Law offers a more individualised type of legal assistance to areas like family, criminal, probate, real estate, bankruptcy, estate planning, etc. General Law Practice does not limit itself to any particular area of law and is hence widely sought after.

General Practice Services:
Civil Litigation
Consumer Disputes
Debt Recover Matters
Drafting of Will statements
Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation
Insurance Law
Property law